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jazz bass vs p bass for recording jazz bass vs p bass for recording

The Fender Jazz Bass, which some insist should be called the J-Bass, brought the word “versatility” to the bottom line. … Zehn Jahre später folgte mit dem Fender Jazz Bass der zweite Geniestreich. "Welchen Fender Jazz Bass soll ich kaufen?". The 'P' bass first hit the music scene back in 1951 and was created to give upright bass players the option to go electric. The P Bass Opens a New Window. The two are alike, but also have many differences, lets start from the top. MB bei Facebook . If you’re ready to move up to a professional-level instrument and the Jazz Bass is on your radar, this will be a great choice. In diesem Workshop verraten wir euch alle wichtigen Tricks und Kniffe. Fender Precision Bass vs Jazz Bass. Dieser Artikel entstand während des Corona-Lockdowns, deshalb hatte ich leider keinen Zugriff auf aktuelle Modelle - aber das werden wir zu gegebener Zeit nachholen. Or more importantly, which one is best for YOU! Channeling the look of the early P basses and featuring an alnico split-coil pickup, Indian laurel fretboard and vintage style bridge, there’s a lot to love here. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. The Jazz Bass neck tapers as you get to the nut (roughly 38mm), where the strings are routed tighter. The difference in pickup design produced a brighter sound, which some players characterize as “more focused.” Some acoustic-bass musicians made the change to the Jazz Bass, but it took a while for players in fusion, disco, funk, reggae and rock to make the switch. Misc - Beginner Jazz Bass Tab A lot of new and old jazz is built on R, 3, 5, 3. Separate volume controls for neck pickup and bridge pickup give you more control. That means (Root of the scale, 3rd note, 5th note, 3rd note) or R, 5, 3, 5. Join our channel for more. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. The bass player also took a step forward on stage with the Jazz Bass, as the instrument took on more than a background/support role. 3.7 / 5 (33 x) Rate this tab: Add to favs. Beide Modelle sind auf mehr Aufnahmen der Rock- und Popgeschichte zu hören als alle anderen Bässe zusammen. Hier findet ihr alle Klangbeispiele hintereinander im Video und könnt die Instrumente dabei auch sehen! flatwounds or roundwound on a Jazz Bass for recording. What do you guys play / prefer Pics are welcome :D. 24 comments. It seems like people are always big on the Jazz. Probably the most talked about dilemma in bass history is which axe to choose, the Fender Jazz or the Fender Precision. It was originally called the Deluxe model because Leo Fender felt it would be easier to play and would have a brighter sound. Beliebte Beiträge ★ 2 ★ für Freu Beitrag Nr. Beide stammen also ungefähr aus derselben Zeitperiode und verfügen mit einem Erlekorpus und einem Palisandergriffbrett (Rosewood) über die gleiche Holzkombination. Wie funktionieren und klingen Singlecoils, Humbucker, Split Coils, Soapbars für E-Bass? The history of bass guitars is the history of Fender basses. Das Mooer Air P10 Wireless Guitar System hat sich die Unabhängigkeit des Gitarristen auf die Fahne geschrieben, kompakt, zuverlässig und zum günstigen Preis. Er sollte aus Erle sein und nicht von Fender. Nachfolgend findet ihr hier die einzelnen Klangbeispiele, abwechselnd eingespielt mit beiden Instrumenten. Jazz is lighter and has a more smooth buttery tone. Ich erwähnte es ja schon: am besten hat ein versierter E-Bassist natürlich beide Modelle verfügbar! You also get the rosewood fingerboard in this brown sunburst bass. Close. Jazz Bass vs. More changes were in the works for Fender, with the introduction of a new bass design (original name – Deluxe). For a lot of people, myself included the decision is so difficult that you have to have both. Looks aren't an issue, nor is the difference in neck. … You can get hybrids of both as well. Fender.com; Play; Tune; BEGINNERS; Anmelden. (jazz vs. precision) Typically, if you're going for old school (Motown, Classic Rock) type bass tones, the P-bass is the standard. Marcus Miller vs. Rocco Prestia. Viel Spaß beim Stöbern! Auf den ersten Blick kann man die beiden Bässe am Pickguard und an den Tonabnehmern unterscheiden. P-Bass has a chunky neck, which is claimed to contribute to its chunky sound. Mexico. Of course, in this case that sound lends itself to playing fingerstyle way up by the fingerboard. The last main difference is harder to see in the pictures. These have two specific pickup configurations, either a P or PJ pickup sets. It comes with a three-ply black pickguard, the classic bridge and vintage tuners. There shouldn't be a price difference. Kein Name ist mit der Geschichte der E-Gitarre so untrennbar verbunden wie der Hersteller von Stratocaster, Telecaster und Precision Bass. The P-Bass is widely recognized for its large headstock, the split-coil, humbucking pickup and the contour body that’s immediately recognized. When Leo Fender brought his game-changing Precision Bass to market in 1951, nothing else like it existed. Archived. Eingefasstes Griffbrett, extraschlanker Hals und ein Bridge Pickup in der funky Position, nämlich näher am Steg angebracht. Wichtige Tipps zur Anschaffung eines E-Basses. Ich suche jetzt als Gegensatz, einen modernen jazz Bass der aber auch Vintage klingen kann. Wir haben für euch die 10 besten E-Gitarren von Harley Benton aus unseren zahlreichen Tests ausgesucht. The J-bass will be better for funk and slapping. When you select the Fender Squier Affinity Series Precision Bass PJ, you’re choosing a good value in bass guitar. What is P Bass and Examples Being invented in 1951,P bass guitars or precision bass guitars are the more popular out of the two types of string instruments . The new Modern D neck profile feels incredible, complementing a newly contoured body for a truly superlative playing experience. Quick Links. "Soll ich einen Jazz Bass oder einen Precisison Bass kaufen?" Get a P-Bass for the original punch and power. While most current P Bass and Jazz Bass models feature a modern “C”-shaped neck, generally made of maple, they are distinct in their feel. A good space to record is the biggest consideration. Während der Precision auf einen Split-Coil-Humbucker in der Mitte zwischen Hals und Brücke setzt, finden sich beim Jazz Bass zwei Singlecoils - einer in der sogenannten Bridge-Position, und der zweite in der Neck-Position. The three-play, black pick guard and knurled control knobs in chrome are a nice touch, as are the open-gear tuners. Neben der richtigen Halskrümmung steht und fällt die Bespielbarkeit des Instrumentes mit der an der Brücke einjustierten Saitenhöhe. You CANNOT record a bass in a small room and expect it to sound like anything. It approaches the sound of a P bass without getting TOO edgy. Both basses were created by Leo Fender in 1951 (P-Bass), and 1960 (J-Bass). On the other hand, you'll never get a picked J bass to sound anywhere near a picked P bass … share. The P Bass has a slightly tapered neck that gets smaller up near the headstock. Thanks. The Precision bass, also known as a ‘P-bass’, slowly started replacing the use of string bass in recording studios and live performances. It can be the right bass for players at every experience level. weiterlesen. Step 2: Focus on The Recording. personally, to me, the biggest difference is obviously sound. Das Witzige: Im Grunde besitzen beide Bassmodelle mehr Gemeinsamkeiten als Unterschiede! This instrument truly broke ground, since there was no option for the bass player aside from the acoustic, stand-up bass. Lots of bottom end with a warmth to the tone that you will hear in a ton of hits from hitsville. American Ultra Series; NEU! Simple, fit in the mix perfectly, a great classic tone that everybody knows. If you’re into the “slap” tone, you probably want to stick with the Jazz Bass. Der Fender Jazz-Bass ist nun seit über 50 Jahren auf dem Markt und mit Sicherheit der meist verkaufte Bass der amerikanischen Firma. Jazz bass if you want a honkier, more cutting sound, p bass if you want a fatter, further back in the mix sound. It also opened up the world of bass to a whole new generation of would-be players. Whether recording directly, through an amp, or a combination of the two, capturing a great bass sound can give you a truly solid foundation for you to build your music and your productions on. It’s a great deal. One of the few pioneers of electric instruments, Leo Fender, introduced the Precision Bass in 66 years ago (1951). The Affinity PJ is offered in Olympic white, black and metallic red. American Professional II; NEU! For example, a refinished original, 1957 Precision Bass will set you back about $7,000. Wir haben beide Kandidaten miteinander verglichen, und zwar da, wo es am meisten zählt: Im Mix mit anderen Instrumenten und in verschiedenen Stilistiken! Learn more about Fender electric basses. Ibanez SR500 Vs Fender Jazz Bass – Brand Comparison Well, Fender is really a giant in the guitar making industry. 6 years ago. I find I overplay when I have a Jazz: the neck's so fast and the notes lack the wallop that a P-Bass has so naturally. Made in Indonesia, this Squier bass can be ordered in a five-string version. Alles Anzeigen. We usually associate the jazz bass sound with the classic trebly midrange thump of the original Fender Jazz Bass of the 1960s. Die grundlegenden Sounds des Precision und des Jazz-Basses sind über die Jahre jedoch stets gleich geblieben. It is known for a scooped sound that has a big bottom end and clear highs. The tinted, gloss neck has block inlays for a true vintage appearance. Both instruments are legends in music, and both have been time tested to the nth degree. ich bin Besitzer eines Fender Jazz Bass 75 reissue der einfach hammer klingt! The Precision Bass [or “P Bass” as it is known] has split coil pickups that give it its classic, solid bass sound. You can invest in an original P-Bass from one of the few classic-guitar inventories but you could also buy a nice used car for about the same price. You can always depend on the warm tone and good mid-range with the P-Bass. Board-Mitarbeiter. "Soll ich einen Jazz Bass oder einen Precision Bass kaufen? This week we're looking at Active Basses vs Passive Basses. We’ll cover how to get the kick drum and bass guitar to play nicely later in this guide. It's been my number one bass since 1978. Consider this an affordable version of a music-industry classic. I have never played a J-bass but want to get one, for different tones. The Jazz Bass is the tool of legends like, Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius, Geddy Lee, and fFea . Es gibt sie in den gleichen Holzkombinationen, sie verfügen (in ihrer Urform) über eine passive Elektronik, und auch optisch sind sie sich sehr ähnlich. Pedaltrain stellt neue Effektboards vor, die breiter und vor allem flacher sind als die Standardserie und damit bestimmten Pedalen ergonomisch entgegenkommen. They didn’t have the technology of today, pickups to be attached to their acoustic bass, so players gradually made the change to the Fender product. Fortunately for the players of the last couple of decades, several variations of the P-Bass have been made, including the Squier and the Affinity series. 1, 29.10.11 2 ★ für Freu Beitrag Nr. Kind like a Telecaster in a sense that it's very basic and stripped down with no bells and whistles, but with that said has pretty much made it's mark and has a SOLID reputation in pretty much EVERY genre of music. The Classic Vibe Jazz Bass is based on those original ‘60s models, and Fender’s entry-level brand Squier will give you a supremely comfortable ride and some uncannily vintage tones and plenty of change from 500 bucks. p-bass only has the 2 p-pickups, and thats it, theres no hum cancelling as there is on the jazz… I've always found the P-bass to sit in the mix much quicker without tweaking and it seems to have more balls and beef. Use a Jazz Bass for more versatility in your sound, with a brighter, tighter tone. However, you can generally depend on getting the classic P-Bass sound: deep punch. Der Jazz Bass besitzt lediglich einen asymmetrischen Korpus, einen schmaleren Sattel und zumeist ein etwas anderes Halsprofil als der etwas "rustikalere" Precision Bass. Of course, this does not apply to the kick drum. In diesem Feature über Pickups für E-Bass erfährst du es! Sting Ray: Slap bass dream. The Vintage Modified was upgraded in 2013 to provide a slightly different look and feel from decades ago. My Recordings/Credits. When recording I seem to get called for a P bass. But you can play in a rock band, back up a folk singer, deliver some reggae or just about any other genre, with this bass. Which one is best? Imported from Indonesia. Now that we’ve established that beginners should limit their options to 4 string, long scale, fretted basses… The only thing left to do is choose a model. Two single-coil pickups put a lot of different tones at your disposal. This was to be a “partner” to the Jazzmaster guitar, with the offset body and two, single-coil pickups. I have a Highway One Jazz Bass. Tipps & Tricks Fragen (FAQ) Regeln . Precision Bass - die Testbässe, Klangvergleich Jazz Bass / Precision Bass - Audiodateien, Klangvergleich Jazz Bass / Precision Bass - Video, Vergleichstest: Sire Marcus Miller V7-Bässe, Bass-Saiten wechseln - 5 Dinge, auf die du achten solltest, Basslines for Beginners - die 20 besten Basslines für Anfänger, Saitenlage einstellen an der Gitarren- oder Bassbrücke. I can get it to cut with some compression, eq and maybe a sansamp plug … The P-bass is going to be better for rock with the split pickup. With the introduction of the Precision Bass and its companion, the Fender Bassman amp Opens …

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