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rise of kingdoms: lost temple guide rise of kingdoms: lost temple guide

Rise Of Kingdoms is very excited game because This game is based on Kingdoms.It mean,Gamer can develop own kingdoms in Game.After Developing,Gamer are allow to Attacking on other Kingdoms thought Army.This is helping to increasing power of Kingdoms. They are great for farming and getting your city up and running in t… Complete guide to the Lost Kingdom (Kingdom vs Kingdom) in Rise of Kingdoms! Besides the events mentioned above, there is also some events within The Lost Kingdom map itself namely Past Glory. This window consists of all the necessary information for example, which region you will teleport to. I suggest purchasing some on the alliance Shop and only purchase the Territorial Teleport because this is the cheaper one and you can only teleport in the alliance territory in the Lost Kingdom. In the later game, Barbarian Forts are going to generate you the best value for Points per Action Point; but this is only relative if you can progress to the next stages. You can figure out it in your city and it provides you a rough idea of each event’s purpose, time interval and progression. I think most mistakes that people encounter is that they are not very familiar with the Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. Slightly wounded troops do not need to be healed in the hospital, but rather are healed upon return to the city and healed instantly upon arrival. Lost Temple is a 6-man World Instance in Nan Tornaeth in The Trollshaws. It will be very resource-intensive and it will be very time consuming so you don’t have time to do all that stuff at once. Best Rise of Kingdoms Tips for New Players. Additionally, players can do the continual occupation of an ancient ruins or altar of darkness to gain the Honor Points. In the image, you can see that our opponent has prevented us from building a flag. Hopefully, you are going to have a great KvK with your Alliance and friends. You’re gonna be participating in a lot of major war. In this following guide, we will give you some overview of Wu Zetian skills, talent tree, and strategy in Rise of Kingdoms. As more information about The Lost Kingdom, Kingdom vs Kingdom special event, we will update this page. Best Rise of Kingdoms Commanders for New Players In case you are new to the game and you don’t want to spend too much money, it’s best to focus on a specific-army-focused pair of Legendary Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. Specific and Leader commanders can use mix troops. You want them to be maxed out for KvK, having as many marches ready as possible. Rise of Kingdoms Game Mechanics. The map unlocking follows the completion of the Eve of the Crusade. Don’t be greedy. The leader of the alliance who controls the lost temple becomes the King of the kingdom and allows the alliance to give out powerful buffs and debuffs through Titles to any individual in the kingdom. Once the Special Talent is unlocked, you can choose a specific kind of buffs for it: The chance of unlocking this is pretty low, you probably will have to craft the equipment a few times until you have it. All of the troops not going to the hospitals will be dead immediately. Season 3 KvK begins in 60 days after the completion of Season 2. And so on. Lost Temple Rewards. The Monument is a building that allows viewing of the timeline of the kingdom your governor resides in. Having multiple equipment gears with special talents unlocked can boost your army power by a lot. Can someone who has taken the Lost Temple weigh in on what to expect? Rise Of Kingdoms guides, tips & tricks and beyond. One of the numerous events becoming reachable and approachable to the alliances who manages the Lost Temple in their home kingdom is the Lost Kingdoms. At the moment that the Kingdoms vs Kingdoms (KvK) begins, you are capable of observing a small castle icon which will lead you to teleport to The Lost Kingdom on the upper right corner of the screen (Past Glory). Kingdom wide buffs for building spee… Honor Roll may be so familiar with some of you guys; however, for beginners who just get started with Rise of Kingdoms, this guide may contain beneficial and applicable information. Ensure to Teleport out of the War Zone before going offline! Don’t attack cities at the beginning, you will lose more than you gain, your troop will die, your reputation in the server will tank, and you will gain some enemies. Long ago, the forefathers of civilization in each kingdom joined forces to defeat the barbarians and claim mastery over this mysterious realm. A Group of 8 kingdoms is fighting to win huge rewards and to take the victory and destroy other kingdoms. Download Rise of Kingdoms for PC (December 2020). Now is the time to carry on their quest! – The Lost Kingdom will deliver a bunch of new challenges, apparently related to the Lost Temples. The Lost Kingdom KVK Guide (Oct 2020) The Lost Kingdoms Event (KVK) is the most important in the game. The Lost Kingdom (KvK) Event. Do it with as many marches as possible (check the kingdom rule) with peacekeeper commanders to increase the XP received. This process or strategy can really delay a huge war. After the Eve of the Crusade event finishes, the ancient passageway beneath the Lost Temple will be opened and governors from different kingdoms will be able to teleport onto the new map The Lost Kingdom and the next stage of the Kingdom vs Kingdom event will begin. After that, next strongest alliance attempts and so on. In this guide, I am going to present all things that are essential for you right now while you are on that map. Going back to #9, most people are unaware still at this point about sending full specific units or mix troops. It seems that there will be new events related to barbarians and altars of darkness, as well as a Kingdom vs. Kingdom feature that will see players from different servers compete in two-months long battles against each other. The alliance ranking is revealed depending on all governors’ honor points within a particular alliance who try together to speedily achieve much more honor points. 2 groups of 4 Kingdoms will fight for the final rewards: Camp Solaria (Light) versus Camp Lunaria (Dark). Shields are probably the most important items in KvK when you sleep, not being able to online or when you are in a dangerous area. Which is better? Thanks for Watching! A few weeks before KvK starts, don’t spend resources on upgrading the unimportant buildings. Videos explaining Commanders and how to use them, Events and the best way to succeed. Get into the top 8 to get a lot of excellent rewards from the Event! Stage 1: The Lost Secret 'A new breed of barbarian has appeared in the kingdom. Ramesses II & Why He is Great for F2P Players! This shows up the top Alliances of The Lost Kingdom. I trust you discovered this guide on The Lost Kingdom is useful and instructive. As mentioned above, the Event icon at the top right allows you to check out some very interesting stuff regarding to the Event. The game now will automatically restart and you will respawn on a random location in your Kingdom’s region. Increasing 5% more damage for Cavalry via the Academy is a totally different story as it requires tons of resources and weeks worth of speedups to research. Note that by defeating Barbarians/Forts you will also gain a good amount of speedups. Do not be stingy buy those Teleports or Peace Shield. Hopefully, this guide will help new players how to use Wu Zetian and how to maximize her strength in the game. Lost temple is the final goal of all the kingdoms, it has special buffs and alliance captured which will be king It cost you more to train all your troops again than buying a few Teleports and or Peace-shields. Just after selecting the teleport button, an affirmation window will appear. Do not level your legendary commanders beyond level 10 until you have its first skill maxed! Similar to Alliance Contribution system, Honor Roll simply is a contributor, which permits you to donate your resources to your alliance equipment. We would start from the beginning. This is probably the hardest one to align in the Kingdoms Vs. Kingdoms progress. You can easily buy them in the Mysterious Merchants. If you have some marches that can only be capable to join other rallies, make sure: If you have multiple blueprints of any Equipment, try to re-forge them until you activate the Special Talent of the equipment. Either you take that by force or by diplomacy. Check out The Past Glory article for all information regarding to this super crazy events! The location of the Lost Temple is in the kingdom center, in Zone 3. The game will start again and you will respawn at a random position in the interior of your kingdom’s region as stated above. I used my farm account to be the bank and this is where players bring their resources and when they need some back, I would transfer resources to them in a manner that does not drain the bank. During wars, always check the capacity of your hospitals and make sure it doesn’t hit the cap. There is a place called The Crusader Achievements where governors, alliances and kingdoms are able to earn a plenty of rewards by implementing the achievements in The Lost Kingdom map. Special Thanks to blater! If you are a free-to-play player and are looking for the best commanders for KvK, please check out, Getting kills in KvK is never easy for free players. I learned this method from Kingdom #228, they had prepared for KvK and had instructed some alliances like (KOI) to gather resources and supply fighters which I had received during our wars. This Light & Darkness menu allows you to teleport into The Lost Kingdom as well as allows you to check a number of things. My advice here is to learn the Commanders. Doing this wastes your action points a lot because only lvl 26-30 are spawning in the map. Best Rise of Kingdoms Tips for New Players. Remember who are Cavalry, Infantry, and Archer. Moreover, Twilight may tell you about what’s going to occur in advance. I suggest working on Barbarian Fort lvl 8. Found in zone 4. You are also able to observe the Events, which normally contained a variety of advanced and fascinating things for you to do, as well as wonderful prizes to gain at the upper right corner. When participating in wars, make sure you at least have 2 teleports. Calculate and see how many troops you can keep in your Hospitals at max. The occupation says that it happens for the first person to take the temple. In case you’ve been saving up any kind of XP books and sculptures, you want to spend them all on your most powerful commanders before the war starts! Videos explaining Commanders and how to use them, Events and the best way to succeed. Do not level your legendary commanders beyond level 10 until you have its first skill maxed! Lost temple with The Golden Coalition wolves in K14 : - WWK - MFr - lTA - TgH - JPD - WPX Video By LokidoFR Leader Mordor[MFr] Most players will not pay attention and only send random units, which is very annoying and it eventually delays the process. Bonus tip, More honor points will be given to you when you succeed to keep incessant occupation of an ancient ruins/altar of darkness. Before we dive into details about what makes Rise of Kingdom the best mobile game on the planet, I’d just like to say that I am… The simplest thing as I can tell you as being a former leader is to promise other Alliances that there will be rewards given if they participate and show support. This is because when the war starts, healing becomes really expensive. This hurt our points in doing so. This is where players, Alliances, and even the whole Kingdom can earn crazy rewards by getting some of the achievements in The Lost Kingdom map! Please read our Updated Civilization Guide for better results in-game.. To the ardent gamer, Rise of Kingdoms appears as an amalgamation of a few different game genres. But their alliance broke apart, and the barbarians quickly eliminated them one by one. If it is KvK 4+, as soon as the KvK event begins, you will see a small “Sun & Moon” icon at the top right of the screen (screenshot). Focus on one or two alliance in KvK and sandbag those Honor points so your Alliance in the Kingdom can benefit. Stage 3: Contribute your commander sculptures. There is something that you can not miss after a time playing Rise of Kingdoms, that is the Growth... Would love your thoughts, please comment. Also, Consider your personal time you can put into the game. 11.8K: 20m: 154: 5: Lumber Mill (2nd) Shop Siege Workshop 2nd march queue: Wall Lv.4 Hospital Lv.4: 7,000 Wu Zetian is a legendary Commander from China that is only available for kingdoms over 140 days old. They will be super useful eventually. All units who are severely wounded during Lost Temple battles will die, except for battling the barbarian garrison during first occupation. This ultimate Lost Kingdom Guide is a useful instruction for amateurs and also for skilled players who are questioning how to get in The Lost Kingdom and what should do during the time they are in there. I have met 3 People so far in the game and that’s the most amazing thing I have ever taken out of from this game. You use the highest possible level commanders so that you can bring more troops to the rallies. You begin by selecting to play as 1 out of the 8 civilizations – Rome, France, Germany, Spain, China, Britain, Japan & Korea. Go on voice communication and summon your players when there will be wars. You are also capable of achieving rewards if your kingdom controls to be successful. In this guide, I am going to present all things that are essential for you right now while you are on that map. Best equipment & sets for all commanders also included. Only buy them with Gems if you can afford. Let’s do them, cause it absolutely will be helpful for you to power level your commanders and  grow your total power. Amazing prizes from the event will be awarded when competing with other 7 kingdoms. Many players leave their city and when their flag was taken down by their opponents, they eventually will get zeroed. Upon joining the event, players will spawn randomly in the Kingdom’s region on the map. Persistent occupation of a holy site or pass. What purpose does this servant of darkness have within?" The Value of this is to be able to communicate efficiently and real-time orders and strategy. In other words, your kingdom are required to unite to advance toward the heart of the map. The lost Kingdoms will be opened after Eve of The Crusade event is finished. All kingdoms will have the same timeline and the whole timeline is visible as soon as the monument is built. Show them that you support them and in return, they will support you ideally. Season 2 KvK begins in 50 days after the completion of Season 1. Twilight is very similar to the Monument you could find in any city. KvK 1, 2, 3: Duration: 60 days; The Lost Kingdom map unlocks right around the Stage 3 of the Eve of the Crusade event. You want to act fast because things happen really fast in KvK. The Lost Kingdom is going to endure for 60 days, Alliances who take part in the map come from 8 different kingdoms, Upon participating in The Lost Kingdom, the player will be spawned randomly, You begin at Zone 4 with the middle of map being Zone 7 in The Lost Kingdom. We would have to burn the city and destroy its wall so that it may randomly teleport, but it takes time and also sometimes they will just bubble up and that’s the end of the story. Best time to use your Action Points is during the Stage 2 event of the Past Glory Event. Moreover, in Lost Kingdom, all of the alliances that belongs to your kingdom will be united under only one banner and color. All commanders have different roles in Rise Of Kingdoms … Start saving these buff items whenever you can. You probably only want to spend them on hospitals and training units. First, what is a bank account? Just dump the alliance honor points rewards from the first capture of holy sites. Listed below are three seasons which begin following the completion of the previous season: For the purpose of teleporting to The Lost Kingdom Map, it’s required that your alliance has to control the Lost Temple. During The Lost Kingdom (KvK) event, every single individual, every single Alliance, and every Kingdom join in a war of 8 Kingdoms and try to do the best to get all of the huge rewards offered. 11 Civilizations, 27 Heroes, Real Warfare From the depths of obscurity to the peaks of legend, you will be the author of your civilization's history. Build relationships before KvK. Titles In Rise of Kingdoms ... in every kingdom you can see the available titles in the Lost Kingdom and how every player can benefit from it. It gives you a rough idea of the current state of the Event. In other words, teleporting to The Lost Kingdom map is impossible for you if your alliance do not take control the Lost Temple. By just doing these activities as referred above, the top 50 alliances will obtain a plenty of rewards. Remember you get to talk with real people; hopefully, you will form new friends that way too. Once you tapped at the Teleport button, a confirmation window will show up, showing the region you are going to teleport to. There is an event for powering up or upgrading buildings before the KvK starts. During The Lost Kingdom (KvK) event, every single individual, every single Alliance, and every Kingdom join in a war of 8 Kingdoms and try to do the best to get all of the huge rewards offered. Covering Rise of Civilizations. If two of your kingdom’s alliance is on the top them you can decide to split the rewards. Make sure you check out our, It’s the incredible amount of activities and the huge number of players in The Lost Kingdom map, we strongly recommend. Similar to Monument, Twilight is kind of The Lost Kingdom Chronicles in your home kingdom. Covering Rise of Kingdoms. Start buying them a few weeks before the Kvk starts. In this map, enormous combat always occur with numerous players fighting against for governance of The Lost Kingdom. Let’s be honest, we all play to get our accounts to grow besides showing our support to play with the team we have. The Past Glory is a multiple-stage mini-event during the KvK, which is only available inside The Lost Kingdom! Then a new event begins, allowing you and your alliance work mutually. At the beginning of KvK event, each region possesses their own region to begin at. Defeat these Stalkers to massive amounts of experience and some good rewards. Continual occupation of ancient ruins or altar of darkness. If it’s KvK Season 1, 2, or 3, you can easily teleport to the separate KvK map via the menu as shown below and get randomly teleported to the event map.

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