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strawberry jello salad with cream cheese and pineapple strawberry jello salad with cream cheese and pineapple

It’s Spring happiness in a salad bowl! I have made it as written and I have also modified it to my family’s taste. Southern Discourse is a place where you can find southern family dishes, along with special recipes and table settings. Remove the pieces with a spatula… serve, and enjoy! I L.O.V.E. Subscribe to receive our latest posts & recipes, as well as access to subscriber exclusives! Allrecipes has more than 180 recipes for Jello salad to please any crowd including those with tastes for cranberry, lime, strawberry and even pretzels. Strawberry Pineapple Fluff Jello Salad is a light fluffy strawberry and pineapple jello salad with marshmallows, fresh chopped strawberries, pineapple bits, and topped off with crunchy coconut cookie crumbs. What a beautiful and delicious looking salad. My son eats it by giant spoonfuls in the afternoon after school. When ready to serve, slice into serving pieces with a knife, then use a spatula to remove portions. Ingredients: 6 (cream.. jello.. pecans.. pineapple.. strawberries… Cover the jello with plastic wrap and put the dish into a refrigerator. Pour half of your fruity jello mixture into a 9×13 glass glass baking dish. I have my grandmother’s official Jello cookbook from the 1960s in all its cheesy awesomeness. Stir until combined, re-cover with plastic wrap and let refrigerate until the strawberry-pineapple jello salad is completely set. Add boiling water to jello. Read our disclosure policy. It is FANTASTIC. Cranberry Jello Salad with Cream Cheese Topping. Published: Apr 22, ... Jello and gelatin are popular in Amish homes, they didn't really take off until the Amish bulk foods started stocking it more in the 1970s but now gelatin is as much a part of Amish life as butter and flour. Carrot Jello Salad was one of the first recipes I ever helped my mom make. 1 large (20 ounce) can of crushed pineapple, drained very well. In a separate large bowl, beat cream cheese until smooth. But if you try it, let me know how it goes! You can’t do this recipe with fresh fruit. I use the sour cream but add 4 ounces of softened cream cheese and a couple of Tbls or to taste of powdered sugar and cream together. I usually make this salad the day BEFORE I plan to serve it! Stir together crushed pretzels, melted butter and 3 tablespoons sugar; mix well and press mixture … My mom does not like sour cream so I am thinking of using Cool Whip/ whipped cream for the middle. Disclosure ~ If a purchase is made using one of the affiliate links on this website we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Cool Whip/ whipped cream and Jello is always a winning combination. ... We are lucky. Pineapple-Cream Cheese Gelatin Salad. I have never tried that as it would change this wonderful retro recipe into something altogether different. Whisk together gelatin and boiling water in a large mixing bowl or 8 C measuring cup until the gelatin is dissolved. You could try it! By replacing the Jell-O® with sugar-free Jello-O®, using no-sugar-added pineapple, and your choice of sugar substitute, this turns into a reduced-carb recipe. Give it one last smooth down so it will be nice and pretty and hide it away in the fridge for a couple of hours. This Jello Salad recipe takes five minutes and uses only jello and cream cheese to make!Easy, old fashioned jello salad can be adapted for raspberry, strawberry, lime, or orange flavors, mixed with fruit, or topped with a creamy dollop of cool whip.. Jello salad is the perfect easy side for potlucks, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or family dinners! The back of a spoon is the perfect tool for adding the sour cream layer. Strawberry Jello Salad: A Southern Tradition - southern discourse Layered Strawberry Jello Salad with its dreamy sour cream layer surrounded by crushed pineapple, bananas, pecans and, of course, loads of … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. lemon Jello 1 cup boiling water 1 (8 oz) pkg. Your email address will not be published. Add the mashed bananas, strawberries with juice, drained crushed pineapple, and pecans … Pour 1/2 of mixture into a 9x13 baking dish. Then there is a layer of a sweet whipped cream cheese that complements that strawberry topping so well. I appreciate you using some of your valuable time to do so. Try this with lime jello... it's fantastic! My dad claims that it is best after lunch or dinner accompanied by a brownie. This one pan dessert is great for any time of year, but is especially popular at picnics, potlucks, parties, holiday dinners, and large family gatherings. Notes About Pink Stuff Salad: Add crushed pineapple with juice. Find Jell-O salad recipes at Taste of Home! after it sets you add the dissolved and chilled til almost set fold in the pineapple. When the gelatin is nice and dissolved, add in your pineapple, bananas and frozen strawberries. I would, however, definitely recommend taking a leap and just trying the recipe as is because it is quite a delightful surprise! Add the can of crushed pineapple … "Cranberry Jello Salad is a sweet-tart dessert salad loaded with crushed pineapple, chopped pecans, cranberries, and a tangy cream cheese topping! The best Jello salad recipe! I have been making this for years. OK? I'm not sure where this recipe came from; my aunt made it for years. I LOVE them. There is a reason why this Strawberry Jello Fluff Salad … You can even drain and blot the pineapple with a paper towel to remove any excess moisture. This post may contain affiliate links. I couldn’t find those, so I bought frozen whole unsweetened strawberries. I bet that cookbook has some gems. Cover dish with plastic wrap, then refrigerate until slightly thickened (about 45 minutes or so). When you’ve got sour cream from stem to stern over that first layer, now it’s time to grab that remaining bit of jello and fruit, pour it over the top and work it gently out to the edges. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Pour in hot jello mixture with the cream cheese and stir until completely incorporated. A delicious & easy to prepare, Strawberry-Pineapple Jello Salad, enhanced with pecans, cream cheese and a secret ingredient, 7-Up! Strawberry Jello Pretzel Salad. We’re bringing connection & friendship back to the table by wrapping everything in the faith and grace from which true hospitality springs! Jello salad is perfect to feed a crowd of people, and this strawberry-pineapple jello salad makes approximately 16 servings! What a refreshing summer dessert especially when strawberries are in season. Lime Jello Salad with Cream Cheese and Pineapple. Crushed pineapple, fresh strawberries (or frozen! Hi, Kris! That’s 124 years of wiggly, jiggly goodness! It's traditionally made for Thanksgiving and Christmas and served with the main course. Add cream cheese mixture to jello mixture. Stir in cream cheese while mixture is still hot. These old recipes are always the best! 2-(8.25 ounce) or 1-(15 ounce) cans of mandarin oranges, drained very well. Are they frozen whole unsweetened strawberries? Facebook page: The Grateful Girl Cooks! So two hours would be my minimum set up time, but overnight or all day? In a large mixing bowl add cranberries, pineapple, oranges, pecans and sugar. Just so versatile! You could also add 1-2 Tbsp sugar to the sour cream to make up for the sweetness you are used to from the strawberries your mom used. Here is a photo of that salad! What they didn’t do with Jello wasn’t worth thinking about. "A vintage family favorite, this green gelatin salad has a bright … And I think I’ve made it clear it’s all about the layers for me. Thanks for sharing this. I love it that is has become a family favorite. … Read More. I have made this for years but mine will not setup anymore. Grandma's Cranberry Pineapple Jello is stuffed with goodness and topped with a cream cheese topping! Let me know how it goes. Pour the creamy jello mixture into a large serving dish (a 2.5 quart dish for a half recipe or a 13×9 dish for full recipe works well). May 29, 2013 - Mix boiling water with jello in a large bowl. And that, my friends, was in 1894. Aren’t you ready to just dive right in? Pour 1/2 mixture in... spread sour cream on top and remaining mixture. In a small bowl, dissolve the gelatin in the boiling water, and allow to cool slightly. We have had it often, especially served with our Thanksgiving Day dinner! Raspberry Layered Jello Salad is out of this world delicious! Easter dinner? 1894! Girl, how have I never had this with pineapple and bananas and sour cream?? It's the perfect side salad for Holidays and Special Occasions. Mix together. Enjoy! i love Jello recipes. Pour half of the mixture into a 13" x 9" x 2" dish. Jello Salad More information Strawberry, Banana, and Pineapple Jello Salad - grew up loving this salad.My mother blended 3 oz of cream cheese with 1 cup of sour cream and nuts for the "cream" filling. If you’re interested, I publish a newsletter 2 times per month (1st and 15th) with all the latest recipes, and other fun info. Put jello in blender with cream cheese. It has a different water consistency, and the jello doesn’t set up. I haven’t tried that, so let me know how it goes! When firm, spread whipped cream cheese on top of the chilled strawberry jello and pineapple … When first layer is set, top with sour cream. With so many choices in the blog world, my hope is that at Southern Discourse you will find a place where you feel at home, where the conversations are honest and relatable, a place where you are encouraged and know you belong. Hope this helps! Heat ... Stir in the Jello.Stir until dissolved. You would probably have to whip it quite a bit and sweeten before trying to add it to this recipe. Serve as a dessert or side dish! This looks so good. Might need to make this for our Sunday potluck…. the 1st layer is lemon jello, dissolved later folding in cottage cheese with whipped cream. For the full instructions for 5 Minute Pink Salad, scroll to the bottom of this post. Instructions Dissolve jello in 2 cups boiling water ** (use reserved pineapple juice as part of the 2 cups liquid). My mother makes this every Thanksgiving and Christmas. Add ... it is cranberry salad or they won't try it. When you’re first layer starts to set up, it’s time to pull it out of the refrigerator and add that dreamy. In a bowl, dissolve gelatin in water. Stir until combined. Cranberry Jello Salad is a sweet-tart dessert salad loaded with crushed pineapple, chopped pecans, cranberries and a tangy cream cheese topping! Add 2 cups of boiling water and stir to dissolve. Gradually beat in the milk with the cream cheese and mix until smooth. The decadent and beautiful blueberry filling mixed with the Jell-O and crushed pineapple, is a simple sweet, yet filling, dessert salad that makes holidays feel so special.. Let salad set up in refrigerator before serving, approximately 1 hour. Once mixture is dissolved, put the liquid in a blender with the cream cheese. I would love to hear from you! That’s what all the best cooks do- modify and make it their own. But at the same time, your frozen strawberries will start to set your gelatin, so work like your jello depends on it (. Blend until completely combined. Strawberry Jello Fluff Salad only has 5 ingredients and is perfectly light and fluffy. Once firm and fully set, serve the jello salad, by cutting it into serving-sized pieces. Layered Strawberry Jello Salad with its dreamy sour cream layer surrounded by crushed pineapple, bananas, pecans and, of course, loads of strawberries has made its required appearance in a 9×13 glass baking dish on our family tables for as long as I can remember. hi! Your email address will not be published. Don’t ask me why it works so much better than a spatula or anything else. Growing up, my grandmother was the queen on Jell-O salad … Combine cream cheese, sour cream, sugar and vanilla in a bowl and beat well until smooth, which makes a cream cheese frosting. Have a great day! And everyone likes a preview of the yum! Yes, they will work, but the sliced are easier to eat. Dissolve Jello in 2 cups... cool; add crushed pineapple, cottage cheese, and fold in Cool... sprinkled over top. A strange, but delicious combination! These fruit-filled gelatin wonders have graced every church potluck, picnic, bbq and family get-together since the beginning of… well, since gelatin as we know it was invented. And since we call it a salad, this magical dish has the ability to transcend all kinds of dinner rule boundaries. It’s perfect to serve for Thanksgiving … Find lots of delicious recipes for strawberry jello salad and over 100,000 other recipes with reviews and photos. Your email address will not be published. You can do something prettier if you like, but clear glass shows off your layers. I am making it this week! By using the subscribe button, you become an important part of SD and are sure to never miss a post or contest! A place that makes a real difference in your day-to-day and walk with Christ. (I’m not entirely happy about the color … Of course, giving that sour cream a stir or two in the container before you start working with it also makes this step so much easier. Oh, that is fantastic! that everyone will … Faith, Family, Fun… and Great Food, Prepared With Love. Hi! When the jello has thickened slightly (after about 45 minutes or so), add the crushed pineapple and chopped pecans (or walnuts). Thanks, Joanne! Also, try adding just the tiniest bit less than a cup of water to the gelatin instead of a full cup. All of these things combined should help your salad set up! Are you draining the pineapple, using frozen sliced strawberries without syrup? I look forward to our conversations- the kind that could only happen on a porch, in a swing, between great friends. Taste of Home has lots of delicious recipes including orange and strawberry jello salads, jello … Required fields are marked *. I would be honored to have you join our growing list of subscribers, so you never miss a great recipe! Grandma's Cranberry Pineapple Jello Salad Recipe I'm usually not much of a Jello person but I make my Grandma's Cranberry Pineapple Jello every Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family and it is so good! Try to forget it’s there. Glad to hear about this version also!! Once boiling pour the dissolved gelatin into the pot a stir into the pineapple until lump free. This salad is a longstanding tradition in my family. Put in refrigerator to set for 20-30 minutes. But, hey! 1 (8 ounce) container of Cool Whip, thawed Amish365 » Pineapple-Cream Cheese Gelatin Salad. Once the jello was mixed and safely chilling in the fridge, she and I would share the last few sips of juice from the bottom of the pineapple can. Spread cream cheese frosting on top of blueberry layer. Pinterest: The Grateful Girl Cooks! Instagram: jbatthegratefulgirlcooks, Original recipe source: unknown (been making this for over 30 years…). Add 1 can of 7-Up to the jello, then stir to combine. arugula leaves, zucchini, figs, cracked black … Arrange your choice of fresh or frozen fruit on top as desired. Or store bought gelatin. Chill in refrigerator 2hrs to overnight before slicing and serving. Why not? * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Aren’t the classics the best? Crushed pineapple, fresh strawberries (or frozen! But I never had it until I moved to Tennessee. You have to hold onto that. Classic Fruit Salad with Old Fashioned Century Sauce, Southern Cottage Pie: Comfort Food At Its Best, Foodie Friday Link Party #36 - Back To My Southern Roots, Meal Plan Monday #119 - Julias Simply Southern, Start by whisking together 1 Cup boiling water and 6 oz of Strawberry Jello in large 8 C measuring cup or measuring bowl. Can you use cream cheese instead of sour cream?? Your email address will not be published. I use regular, but sugar free would certainly work. In a microwaveable bowl, add your strawberries, rasberries and pineapple (with juice) and 1 tablespoon sugar and microwave for 2 - 3 minutes. After mixing the 7-Up in, the mixture will be foamy and look like this, in the photo below. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until completely set and firm (several hours). Add can of 7-Up. Sweetened or unsweetened doesn’t matter much. This is one of those dishes that my mother is always asked to bring to Christmas and Thanksgiving gatherings. This is one of our favorite dishes to put together for holidays and cookouts. 1 large (6 ounce) package of orange flavored Jello, unprepared; 1 large (16 ounce) container of cottage cheese. Every family has their own special way of putting these concoctions together that makes it the best ever. Required fields are marked *. A few jello salad recipes we love include: Thank you for visiting this website. If you find that the whipped cream does not have enough body (sour cream is much denser), you might try adding 1TBSP of sugar or sweetener to the sour cream before layering it in the salad. It’s perfect to serve for Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner, or any night of the year!" Use any flavor jello, but strawberry seems to be the favorite. ... butter, frozen sweetened strawberries, Cool Whip, sugar, cream cheese, strawberry gelatin powder ... vanilla cook and serve pudding, strawberry gelatin, crushed pineapple… Add rest of gelatin, smooth out towards to the edges to complete the top layer. Stir in strawberries, pineapple, bananas and nuts. I make this recipe at least once a month. Add remaining ingredients. Look at that beautiful, fresh deliciousness! If it is just the idea of sour cream in general that has you concerned, in the blog post, I do offer the option of adding just a bit of sugar to it before layering it in the salad. Stir to combine and distribute throughout jello. It’s not the kind of “salad” that is healthy to eat…but we can pretend it is! Whew. Once they are fully blended, the jello and cream cheese mixture will look like this below…. It’s just frozen sliced strawberries, no syrup! In a large bowl, mix cool whip, drained crushed pineapple, cottage cheese, chopped nuts and dry strawberry Jello mix. Here’s one more to pin on your Pinterest boards! I can’t imagine a time that wouldn’t perfect for a slice (or bowl) of this. Some prefer no nuts, others prefer no sour Philadelphia cream cheese, softened 1 cup 7-Up, cold 1 (8 oz) can crushed pineapple, drained 1 cup chopped pecans 1 tsp. Layered Strawberry Jello Salad with its dreamy sour cream layer surrounded by crushed pineapple, bananas, pecans and, of course,  loads of strawberries has made its required appearance in a 9×13 glass baking dish on our family tables for as long as I can remember. What a treasure; Jello was definitely KING then!! Fluff Salad! Also because cream cheese is denser, not sure how/ if it would layer up the same. Can be store bought. Any thoughts? Set aside rest of gelatin, but do not chill. It's a family heirloom that we've been making for over 60 years! SEVEN UP SALAD 1 (3 oz) pkg. Layers of Strawberry Cheesecake and Jello! Dissolve jello in boiling water. STRAWBERRY - PECAN JELLO SALAD Dissolve Jello in water and add strawberries... (and syrup) and pecans. Regular jello is in a 3oz box and sugar free is .6oz…which do you use? Here’s what you do:  Dissolve jello powder in 2 cups of boiling water (use the drained pineapple juice as part of this liquid). large package strawberry Jell-O. If you like these recommended products, then you’ll love Southern Discourse’s Amazon Store! And while most liked to act casual about their Jello love, we’ve developed a huge fondness for these congealed desserts. Mixture will be foamy. Refrigerate until well chilled. Most, if not all, of the time requirements have more to do with allowing the gelatin to set than actual action in the kitchen. Thank you for sharing your recipe. By using this Comment Form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Add 8 ounce softened and chopped cream cheese to dissolved, hot … 2 cups boiling water 1 14 ounce pkg. This sweet strawberry-pineapple jello salad is super easy to make, and it’s full of flavor! RELATED: If you are a strawberry fan, you will love this Fresh Strawberry … Cover dish and refrigerate for at least 1 hour or until ready to serve. Hi just wondering if the strawberries are whole frozen or the ones that are frozen in syrup?? In a mixing bowl, beat together the cream cheese and 3/4 cup of sugar. Your email address will not be published. Strawberries are naturally sweet, and with the other fruit and jello there will be plenty of sweet in the dish as a whole. Will these work? Have you tried that? It may not be the “prettiest” jello salad you’ve ever laid eyes on, but it sure is delicious! And there might even be a time or two that the leftovers have shown up as someone’s breakfast. It’s easy to make a delicious Strawberry-Pineapple Jello Salad, enhanced with pecans, cream cheese and a secret ingredient- shhh.. it’s 7-Up! In another bowl combine cream cheese and crushed pineapple, until smooth. This is also fantastic as a LIME-PINEAPPLE JELLO SALAD (substitute lime jello for strawberry) YUM! Every good southern lady needs a good Jello salad recipe in her back pocket. vanilla Stir Jello into hot water until dissolved. It's immediately downloadable right from your email inbox. I know. Remove from … In a large bowl, stir Jell-O and the 1 cup boiling water together until the jello is completely dissolved. Great-Grandma's Green Gelatin Salad. It’s hard to say, but more than likely it is the liquid from the fruit. Hope you will consider trying this delicious jello salad! I’ve been making the same strawberry jello salad from my childhood since I got married over 20 years ago, with one change – at the request/suggestion of my husband, I reduced the amount of sour cream … Add frozen strawberries and stir until separated. jello, cold water, orange zest, crushed pineapple, cream cheese and 4 more Strawberry Pretzel Jello Salad 12Tomatoes water, cream cheese, sugar, strawberries, butter, sugar, whipped topping and 3 more I could literally eat them all day long and not get tired of them. Pardon me for a minute while I pretend I’m at a picnic. I wanted to share this recipe with you in spite of that, so you need to know this strawbery-pineapple jello salad tastes good, in spite of the photos. Read our disclosure policy. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Thanks! frozen, sliced strawberries (or … Our recipes include pictures, are easy to follow, and can be saved to your recipe box. Ingredients: 5 (cheese.. jello.. pineapple.. whip...) 7. If you don't have a grinder, use a blender and … Add strawberries (Frozen is fine) and pineapple ~ all the juices from the fruit go in too. OK. Now I can rest easier. It was in everything. Dissolve jello in 2 cups boiling water **(use reserved pineapple juice as part of the 2 cups liquid). Pour jello mixture into serving dish. Instructions Pour jello into a large bowl (helps with splatters while mixing). Put jello in blender with cream cheese. This lime Jello salad is made with 7UP, cream cheese, Dream Whip and pineapple. I’ve tried! Cut Blueberry Salad … There is a Newsletter subscription box on the top right side (or bottom) of each blog post, depending on the device you use, where you can easily submit your e-mail address (only) to be included in my mailing list. It comes out a very pleasing salad/dessert in a clear large bowl. Thank you! Similar to a strawberry pretzel salad, but with a much better crust!

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