Custom Made for Men and Women

Custom Made for Men and Women

by BusinessPunks and Partners
is the art of personalized elegance.

Our promise is to deliver a unique tailored suit made
from the finest available fabrics in the world and
finished with limited edition art linings by BusinessPunks.

Enter the world of custom made clothing and discover
the art of personal elegance with us.


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BusinessPunks is
“Art in a Suit”

Be courageous, exude confidence and intelligent coolness,
and set a fashion statement amidst everyday business life.

BusinessPunks provides you with an opportunity to overcome
the ostensive contradiction between being a creative individual with independent lifestyle
and holding a conventional stance of a stable and reliable businessman.

With BusinessPunks, you are welcome to explore and live both worlds simultaneously.

How to book an appointment:

Book appointment across Europe

Book measure-appointment (across Europe)

Pick your date/time and the define the location. We take care of everything else. Our service is available across Europe.

Receive our confirmation

Booking confirmation and contacting

We get in touch with you to confirm your booking and to inform you about the exact location of the responsible BusinessPunks Partner-Boutique. Your contact information will be shared with the Partner-Boutique only.

Get measured and configure your piece

Consultation and customization

At the BusinessPunks Partner-Boutique you will be measured and given advice (style, fabrics, art-linings, etc.). Everything will be manufactured according to your wishes and needs.

Price, payment, delivery - as you wish

Price, payment, delivery

We offer luxurious quality and unique art-linings. The price depends on your needs and wishes. You pay directly at the BusinessPunks Partner-Boutique where you also agree on delivery or pick-up of your item.

How it works once you have an appointment:


We want to take extra time and make you understand what is important when wearing suits and jackets. Therefore we always start with giving feedback on your current suit & style. Wear your best suit-outift you have and we take a look at it together.


Explain to us, when and why you are wearing your suit and who you are:

  • Are you traveling a lot?
  • Do you have a very representative role?
  • Are you sitting in the office a lot?
  • Is it for a once-in-a-year occasion?
  • You want to “fit-in” or “stand-out”?

Based on the purpose, we find the ideal fabric which fulfills your needs best. Some fabrics are sustainable and wrinkle less, some are stronger in colors, some are smoother and look more elegant, some combine certain functions and some fabrics look young and fresh.


Think of anything you want to have on your suit or jacket – it is possible!
Pick from the most precious fabrics and art-linings, buttons, colours and styles.

Custom Fit

The tailor determines your perfect fit – and only the tailor.
BusinessPunks does not believe in online / self-measuring (this is why we don’t offer online custom made suits) – why? – it is a very complex step and takes trained skills – our tailors are professionals.


At this point, your work is done and all you have to do is “wait”. Manufacturing a custom made piece takes up to 4 weeks (for a premium price it can be done within 1 week though). Everything you have decided on during the custom made program steps will be combined and assembled to create your master piece.