“Rebel of Uniformity”

BusinessPunks is a pioneer and leader in creating suits and jackets
with unique art linings for made-to-measure and bespoke.

The art linings are designed by artists from all over the world,
limited-issue items and manufactured in Austria, Europe.



Art influences our senses and emotions.
Our unique linings are real art!

The continously expanding collection consists of unchanged designs
comissioned by global artists, who create these
masterpieces exclusively for BusinessPunks.

Limited Editions

Worldwide art lining limitation of max. 1000 per art lining.

We don’t do collections.
No spring, summer, autumn, winter.

Art is timeless.

All our art linings stay in our ongoing collection
until the limitation is reached. Our collection is
extended when we feel like doing so.

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Originality Certificate

Only original BusinessPunks art linigs carry an
exclusive label which contains a unique woven serial number.




As a wearer of BusinessPunks you are entitled to join our “Club”.
Being a “Club” member, grants you access to specials we provide.

This can include topics like traveling, hotels,
exclusive products, dining, clubbing, pre-access to art exhibitions,
events, or simply things we are eager to
dedicate to BusinessPunks.



Our exclusiveley selected business partners, bespoke
boutiques, and made-to-measure tailors guarantee
perfectly fitting and tailored suits, made of best fabrics,
produced according to the highest standards.

This is our promise to provide the
best “frame” for our art linings!

Art Lining Collection

For made-to-measure and bespoke.

All pictures shown are for illustration purpose.
The actual product and colours may vary due to processing parameters
such as colourfastness of the catalouge as well as size, measurements, and cutting patterns.

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