Art influences our senses and emotions.
Our unique linings are real art!

The continously expanding collection consists of unchanged designs
comissioned by global artists, who create these
masterpieces exclusively for BusinessPunks.

If you want to become a collaborating artist, please contact us here.If you want to become a collaborating artist, please contact us here.

Tom Melsen

Tom Melsen is an up and coming artist who currently lives in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). He is active in a number of artistic fields but best known for his paintings and collage work. He has exhibited his work internationally and in 2014 Melsen has been nominated for the highly valued Palm Art Award. His work […]


Horas (Talin Lopez) and Prank194 (Sebastian Marian Horvath) from the collectiv “Buntlack”. Horas started his career as a grafitti artist in 1993, Prank194 got gripped by the grafitti virus only short time later. Ever since Horas and Prank194 abide by their passion with heart and soul. In their early days it was more about the […]

Thomas Solar

Thomas Solar, born in 1984, grew up in a conservative, rural area and is living in Vienna since 2003. zOid, who found his way to gather emotional impressions over a long time to then transcribe them in a very compressed and meticulous way, says … “My artistic creations are accessible to the public only partially. […]

Paul Snowden

Paul James Snowden born 1970 in Auckland, New Zealand, lives and works in Berlin. A combination of classical fine arts studies, corporate advertising agency schooling and his dedication to and involvement in music form the base for his work which he titles creative direction. He delivers in a style he describes as the striving for […]

Jeroen Derks

Jeroen Derks, an artist with his roots in Milsbeek. A small town in the south of the Netherlands.Music drives his work and combined with memories, dreams and visions is his main source of inspiration. Using digital tools evolved out of tradional technologies like brushes, pencils and ink he creates pictures full of chaos. http://www.jderks.com


Skero lives and workes in Vienna, Austria. Since 1992 he is member of the Hip Hop formation TEXTA and successfully published his solo CD “Memorien eines Riesen” as well as the song “Kabinenparty” with which he won the Amadeus – Austrian Music Award. Skero studied painting and sculpting at the Academy for Applied Arts in […]

Natasha Kudashkina

Natasha Kudashkina, is a revolutionary award winning painter and visionary. Born in Siberia, currently living in Toronto, Natasha has been painting since she was a child and has naturally acquired many of her skills through perseverance and practice. She attended art school before moving to Canada, where she earned a degree in Graphic Design. Natasha […]

Julie Böhm

Julie Boehm is a multimedial artist for paintings on canvas, digital compositings, body paintings and film. After her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, “Die Graphische” (Diploma of Multimedia) , 2 Years at the “Babelsberg Filmschool” and “Orthovita Fitnesstrainer Academy” in Berlin she is now at the Filmacademy Baden Württemberg in Ludwigsburg (west Germany). Biography: 2007 A-Levels at grammar school at […]

Günter Edlinger

Born in 1958 in Salzburg, Edlinger lives and works in Salzburg. Since 1993 he is a very remakred independent artist. Edlinger is always searching for an unusal handling of unusual materials with high technical finesse, especially when he merges and imitates mediums. Working with BusinessPunks opened him the opportunity to create on a new medium, […]

Werner Branz

Werner Branz, the internationally renowned Austrian photographer was born 1955 in Lustenau in the State of Vorarlberg, western Austria.  After concluding his studies with  Masters Degree he worked for several years abroad (USA, Middlle- and Far East and Europe) as photographer and International Tutor for Photography. Among the numerous exhibitions of his work at home […]


Artist and designer Phil Splash, “Phil* – Art+Design” describes the concept of making the world a more colourful place. In the beliefe that every person on this planet is something special that deserves his unique spot making it possible to evolve ones creativity and soul, Phil* creates individual artistical solutions with heart and mind. Phil […]

Janos Glück

Born 1975 in Hungary, Ajka, János Glück also grew up at his birthplace. With the age of 14 János followed his passion for painting and started his education as a porcelain painter in Herend, Hungary. With the age of 18, János began his compulsory military service in Hungary where his comrades quickly recognized his artistic […]

Ruud van Eijk

A Designer from The Netherlands. I really like art, dance events, beer & coffee. I love music. I love to run. I also love to run to music. It’s my “job” to make stuff look good. Most of my projects are music related. At the moment my studio is located in Rotterdam. I often work together with people […]

Felix Schobert

Born 1977 in Germany, now working and living in Vienna, Austria. Before and while studying Design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna 1999 – 2005 Felix Schobert was employed in different companies, such as „industrielle produkte Krietsch GmbH“ and „Lomographische Gesellschaft“. Right after his Diploma he founded the Studio for Design and Productdevelopment […]

Malte Knaack

Malte’s works got won awards of excellence of the Society of News Design and awards of excellence of the European Newspaper Awards. HTTP://WWW.MALTEKNAACK.COMHTTP://WWW.MALTEKNAACK.COM


Jakub Kanior a.k.a. Flexn was born 1974 in Poland and raised in the western part of Berlin.Growing up with punk-culture, comics and Döner Kebab he escaped boredom, work & realitywith scribbling silly pictures. And this is what he is doing until today.Jakub has been designing posters and flyers for the Berlin club scene for several years.  The […]

Saskia Porkay

Saskia Porkay experienced her early childhood in Munich’s Bohemian district of Schwabing. With her father Martin Porkay, who worked as an art expert in Old Masters and Art mediator, she visited the great museums of the world. Exerting fascination by the fatherly Art Library, woke her early interest in painting. When she lost her father, […]

Roger Fritz

Geboren am 22.09.1936 in Mannheim, Ausbildung zum Großhandelskaufmann. 1955 lernt er in München den Fotografen Herbert List kennen und assistiert ihm gelegentlich. Er beginnt selbst zu fotografieren und gewinnt als 20-Jähriger bei der Photokina seinen ersten Preis, zwei Jahre später den nächsten. 1959 Mitbegründer der legendäre Zeitschrift twen, 1961 studiert er an der UFA-Nachwuchsschule für […]