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Animaltic von Julie Böhm.

Kunst ist nonverbal, das inspirierenste Kommunikationsmedium welches alle Ebenen des täglichen Lebens beeinflusst. In unserer postmodernen Ära ist Mode ebenso ein Medium zur Definition unseres Geschmackes, Philosophie, Charakter und Einstellung zum Leben. In kurz: Unsere Individualität! ANIMALTIC ist ein Zitat dieser Idee: die Tiere zeigen eine Fusion der …

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Animaltic was created by Julie Böhm.

Art is a nonverbal, most inspiring communication medium that affects all levels of daily life. In our postmodern era fashion is also a medium to define our taste, philosophy, character and attitude towards life. In short: our Individuality!

ANIMALTIC is citation of this idea: the different animals show the fusion of the different human characters: Power and royaltiy like a lion, the giraffe represents attraction and prosperity, the elephant symbolizes wisdom.  The wolf is supposed to be evil as well as good: a brutal killer or a reflection of the mysterious, demonic, untamed wilderness. But on the other hand this animal is known as the human`s best friend, clever helping even in leadership – always having the nose for the most convenient way in any moment of life.  That is the meaning of dress. The man who is wearing the very suit, jacket, custom made suit, made to measure suit, can imagine his own ideas which animal he probably may be inside and what charisma will demonstrate his true nature in reality.

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