Horas (Talin Lopez) and Prank194 (Sebastian Marian Horvath) from the collectiv “Buntlack”. Horas started his career as a grafitti artist in 1993, Prank194 got gripped by the grafitti virus only short time later. Ever since Horas and Prank194 abide by their passion with heart and soul. In their early days it was more about the status within the grafitti scene and in the streets. Today, their goal is to impress the Buntlack stamp within the art scene and to the rest of the society.

No matter if on canvas, in the internet, in galleries, in the air, on water or anywhere else – Buntlack separated from the constraints of the grafitti world and are now living their style as desired and required. The artistic freedom of BusinessPunks convinced Buntlack to create their authentic style of urban art on linings. Buntlack created a contrast between street-talk and catwalk.